Executive Board



Emma White

Emma is a fourth year business major studying Strategy and Innovation. She has been a member of SWIB for three years and has previously served as the Vice President of Finance and Corporate Relations Project Manager. Emma’s Favorite part of SWIB has been seeing the growth of the community. While once a mentee, Emma now enjoys mentoring younger members by building upon their unique skillsets and developing them into confident business women capable of achieving anything.



Emma Adams

Emma is a fourth year Business major studying Supply Chain and Operations with a minor in Leadership Studies. She joined SWIB two years ago and recently served as the Project Manager of Career Development. In her role as EVP, Emma has loved getting to share how impactful SWIB is with company representatives! Her favorite part of SWIB is the ability to build friendships with women that she would have never met if it weren’t for this organization.


vp finance,

Natalie Mack

Natalie is a third year Business major studying Leadership and Organizational Change with a certificate in Business Law and Ethics. She has been a member of SWIB for two years. Natalie is excited to nurture the tremendous growth in confidence and advocacy for personal career aspirations that she experienced in all of the organization's members. By supporting SWIB's passion for professional development, Natalie hopes to see each member experience unique growth, as well as gaining an interest in financial skills.


vp project management,

Anna Katherine Cates

Anna Katherine is a third year concentrating in Supply Chain & Operations with a minor in Spanish. She is also minoring in Engineering & Business through the Denning Technology & Management Program. Anna Katherine has been a member of SWIB since her first year at Georgia Tech. Her favorite part of SWIB was planning the corporate panel last year. The participants in the panel are people she looked up to as role models. They were thrilled to participate and eager to drive the professional development of our members.


VP MArketing,

Katherine Watson

Katherine is a third year Business major concentrating in Marketing with a certificate in International Business. She has been a member of SWIB for one year and previously held the position of Marketing Project Manager. Katherine’s favorite part of SWIB is getting to see the professional growth that each of our members experience during their time in SWIB.


vp Internal Affairs,

Anne HArdin

Anne is a third year Business (Strategy and Innovation) and Public Policy double-major. This is her second year as a member of SWIB. Her favorite part about SWIB is being a member of the SWIB investments committee, a group devoted to learning about the stock market and investing in stocks as a club.

Project Managers


Career Development PM,

Madu Ramaswamy

Membership Development PM,

Peyton O’malley

Corporate Social Responsibility PM,

Emma Fornell


Corporate Relations PM,

Emily Salmond

Emily is a second year concentrating in Finance with a minor in Engineering & Business through the Denning Technology & Management program. She has been a SWiB member since her first semester at Georgia Tech. Emily has loved getting to form relationships with other members and is really looking forward to working with all of the corporate sponsors and speakers this year!

Public Relations Pm,

Caroline McCutchen 

Investments pm,

Elizabeth Howell

Elizabeth is a second year Business major concentrating in Finance. This is her first year participating in SWIB. Her favorite part of SWIB is being part of an organization where women can empower other women in the workforce. She enjoys serving as a mentor to fellow members when they have any finance or investing-related questions, whilst increasing her own knowledge in the field.