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Tech’s premier pre-professional organization for undergraduate women


We recruit our members from all majors and years of undergraduate study across campus to center around our three pillars: community, network and development.


Women supporting other women.


SWIB is dedicating to empowering the community of women in business in the Atlanta area. One of the ways we help to do this is the Women in Business Investment Fund - run by members to give local start-ups founded by women the capital needed to grow.


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Women teaching other women.


It is incredibly important for us to use the business knowledge we have to help one another learn how to operate in the business world. We lead resume workshops and send members on scholarship to the Dynamic Women in Business Conference at Harvard Business School every year. We also have plenty of leadership positions available, giving undergraduate women experience in leading others.  


Women connecting with other women.


Above all, the main focus of SWIB is to form meaningful connections with other pre-professional and professional women in business. We routinely meet with women from all different companies and industries to give our members a vast range of networking opportunities.